Friday, September 23, 2005

storm aftermass

The aftermass of wensday nights storm was Hurricane Galen. And what happens when a class 5 hurricane bumps into a tropical storm Ewan. Thier unbridaled furrious forces combined, and the house most deffinetly recieved more damage from them then the storms Wensday night.

Alot of it was actually due to the lack of sleep. I was tired and didn't want to deal with anything and then whenever Galen gets a lack of sleep the autism emerges with vengance- combine that with a lack of structed activites and it is the perfect condition for a Galen hurricane. Poor Galen is still suffering from it this morning- but I helped him on the bus in hopes of the school routine kicking him out of it. (or back into it, which ever way you want to say it).

I also make a point not to tell the teachers because often just going to school Galen's outlook will change and sun will come out.

Speaking of the sun comming out ... It is beautiful weather here! BEAUTIFUL! 65 and sunny with a pleasent breeze. :) I might have to make a point of enjoying it.

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