Wednesday, September 21, 2005

talked to an old freind today

not like old as in ancient, but old as in college. She just turned 30 (gee, are you sure that's not old?) Anyways it turnsout she's engaged. That's a lucky man- one who sees beyond the skin

Anyways, I also talked to my parents who are enjoying thier vactation to Hawaii. Monday they went on a 12 hours bus tour, Tuesday they went on a 12 hour air tour, Today were going parasalling and tomarrow they are planning to go snorkeling.- sounds more like work then vacatioing :) But I would join them for the parasailing and snorkeling if I could :)

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Anonymous said...

Your mom called me just as they were waiting for their plane at the airport. Your dad said he never wanted to get into another automobile ever again after the 12-hour tour. Sounds like they're traveling with die-hard tourists rather than relaxation vacationers. As usual, they'll need a vacation from their vacation when they get back. At least your mom was having fun. Aloha!