Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Life for us women is unfairly hormonally driven.

To get some thing down it is best to be in the right hormonal state for it.
To get a baby our hormones drive us to tease our man until he puts the kids to bed. (even at 3 in the after noon).
To get a clean, organized house it helps to be pregnant.- That is the only time of life when I have to think of limiting myself on how often I scrub the kitchen floor (no more then once per day), verses the normal process of trying to make sure I destick it at least once per week.

To get rid of bull there is PMS-yep if it bugs you toss it out!
To handle children well there is nursing. Nurse the baby and he gets all the caring for he needs (and you're happy too).

Beyond those recognized hormones there seems to be unlimited patience. Patience for dressing, patience for laundry, patience for toys and clothes strewn, patience for 2 hours of unfocused attempts at homework. Patience for the right time to act. Patience for life. patience for customers who are confused or just plain stupid, patience for waiting for your answer before you act.

In fact with in my marriage we sometimes display too much patience for each other. It is not unusual that we plan to do some thing "right after I finish..." so to wait the other person finds something else to do. Then when person 1 is done they go find person2 and find them involved with something so they find something else to do while waiting on that person. And so the cycle continues until somebody says "hey, arn't we trying to get out of here?"

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