Thursday, November 30, 2006

Flying at Half Mast

How AM I today? Flying at half mast. My head is flying, but it is not a free flight- feels like there is a little sinus stuff going on. My sales have been very slow for this time of year. I kinda feel like the populous is waiting for increadable deals, but I have none to offer. And my mantra is "I am there when you need me." not "BUY, BUY. BUY NOW!" So I think my little voice got drowned out in the purchasing crazies of after thanksgiving shopping.

But that is ok. I did send out emails and have tips on my site on how to make your holiday green. And not going crazy with purchasing is one of them- it also helps to green your wallet. I also know that when the New Years comes around there will be alot of people out there who will make new year resolutions about being green or healthy and will turn to organics then. And these people make much better customers then do those who go crazy buying gifts.

Ian has been a little more then normal too lately. He has decided to act rather then complain all the time. This does cut down on the whining, but increases the trouble. For example: he wanted to play with Clay the other day. Clay was in his playpen. So Ian finds a scissor and cuts the sides out of the playpen.

We also tried to lock him upstairs with Daddy while I was gone so he couldn't make a mess of my kitchen. That didn't work. Ian decided to go through the garage and around to another door in the house. It was 9 degrees. Clay followed. Then Daddy thought it was getting awfully cold up there (usually means a door is open) so he followed Clay and scooped him up before he could get too cold. Those two are classic examples of what I call "Thinking so far out of the box that you don't even realize there is a box to think in."

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the moon is half full as well