Tuesday, November 07, 2006


When ever I get really ornery, so that my dear hubby can not do anything right, and my kids all turn into walking brats and everything is just so awful, it always turns out to be hormonally based.

I want to scream, yell and throw everything that is piled on the floor out the front door. And why? because it is that time of the month. And yet I can almost never guess that the reason I wish to smash my hubby's computer with a sludge hammer and do all sorts of harm to it is actually relating to a hormonal cycle until I see the proof of it. Then all the crazy ideas and feelings end up being summed up into that catch all phrase for women kind. "PMS"

Is the term "PMS" really fair to us? Those who always let everything bounce off of them on all the other days of the month take every look so insidious at this time. We rant and rave and yell and scream inside, and yet it only seeps out when you almost kill yourself walking because of the dropped toy. (or in my case the mound of clothing in the middle of our living room walk way).

Why shouldn't this bother us? Maybe it should bother us at other times of the month, but PMS is the only time that we focus on it. It is the only time when we feel selfish enough to yell at others. It is the only time when we would actually order a cheesecake and not share it. It is a time when the hormonal changes rage so loud that we lose what we felt was civilized and become a "natural man." Only we don't, because we always realize that we will return to our normal universe in several days. And that is why- dear Mikey that your computer is still alive. And that is why my living room mountain has not been pushed out the front door. And that is why my children still sound happy. And that is why we eat the cheesecake and chocolate oaties- to keep our hands and mouths too busy to inflict the damage on the world they it so seems to need.

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Anonymous said...

I view my hormones as normal, all of my highs and lows and crazes and peaceful moments. It's just my normal. I think women place too many expections on themselves, especially when trying to compete in a male dominated society/world. Women are meant to flow, and be more than simple-minded and single-emotioned. We are diverse dynamic creatures, and hopefully more women will learn how to honor their feminine qualities rather than rebuke them. Enjoy your flow. LA