Tuesday, September 25, 2007

He's cute

(pic is that of clay (not)posing for a photo shoot)
and some days that is the only things that saves a two year old from his mother.

Clay has had quite a day today. We made caramel apples last night and Clay has been munching on them off an on all day. Everything he touched turned into fly paper. The door knob, the walls, my pants. I would be walking around doing things like scrubbing bathrooms, and all of a sudden my hands would be stuck fast to my pants. It happened several times before I located the cause.

He was in the laundry room, he opened my brand new container of laundry soap and it was all over the floor. Now my high efficiency machine is going to have to handle 1/2 tub of laundry detergent soaked up by dirty towels and clothes.

Of course, when I had to go packing Clay was doing his best down there too. He managed to pull of box of inventory on top of himself, then opened my "Samples" box and proceeded to dress himself in samples 3 sizes too small.

He ran around naked, 5 minutes after I dressed him. He used his hands to feed himself yogurt, all over the office room floor.

He tried to wipe himself during a diaper change- with his hands. He ate Ewan's crayons, tried to eat a grapefuit whole (on top of a pile of newly folded clean laundry). And of course manages to giggle loudly when he tries to pull up your shirt while you are on the phone.

So you see, if I wasn't so attached to him (visualize caramel hands stuck permanently inside Mommy' shirt) I might be willing to give him up to the next person who dares call those little imitations of adult kind cute. The next one is probably me.

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