Monday, September 10, 2007

not too bad

well, this morning I set about upon cleaning my children's rooms. Their rooms are on the weekly rotation of chores, but somehow almost always get missed, or maybe it is that they just never looked like I cleaned them.

Last night I realized it was time to get this done, as my 4 year old old hasn't wanted to sleep in his room for a while. So I started by putting his mattress back on his bed, spraying it down with thieves and then proceeding to add the requisite layers of mattress pads, waterproof pads, sheets and blankets. (and in search of sheets, I realized once again that we are decidedly low on children's sheets. That is because one of our little creative, and resourceful geniuses has been known to taking scissors to the sheets that are so nicely put on bed and making everything from spider webs to superman capes from them. ) I also swept out his room. (Ha, one room mostly done last night!)

So this morning I took a garbage bag upstairs and emptied the other's room, made their's. That is, after I found their sheets stuffed inside some Halloween costumes. (see pic). Of course they have very few toys left heading into the holiday season. Ian has been hard at work with a screw driver dismantling every toy with screws- at least he has left the majority of the door knobs alone this time. And their shelves are now filled with stuffed animals- and a box of legos.The bed are made and the extra blankets are folded. The rooms are swept- the only left to do up there is scrub the bathroom- which incidentally is my normal Monday chore.

regarding the pic- these are the "clones" they made of themselves.

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