Tuesday, September 04, 2007

A ramble of thoughts

A truely Hysterical Story on ebay
I liked it so much that I marked her blog.

I felt a little better after reading that, when syrup covered babies eating dog food is normal- I feel I am doing just fine. Luckily, nothing quite like that happening here- thank goodness. Mine is more an orange covered baby- eating one bite out of every fruit on the fridge.

So now you are probably wondering: how did getting the boys off for their first day of school go?
It went real easy
The boys were excited. So exited that they also had a very hard time sleeping last night, and Ewan did wake up at 4, and was told it was too early before he crawled in with us.

Maybe I just need a double King bed... and forget separate bed rooms, but then mike and I would need to find a nice wide couch for his office.....
Very much like like talking to each other on the phone because we can't even hear ourselves over the noise when we are in person.

I did do a good job with breakfast though, had pancakes ready by 7am.
Everyone is healthier if we actually feed them real food. I am trying to do that every morning, but I know my waking up is hard to do- so I do have a box of chocolate grahams waiting for that last minute breakfast, on the way to catch the bus.

And of course, I am sending lunch with Galen- but Ewan prefers school lunches. Ewan never liked what I packed anyways. He prefers a little more typical kid stuff probably, Like the zipper pants thing. Because his brother is so abnormal and life around here is not quite typical,he has a need to be normal.

Galen doesn't even know what normal is, and that's ok. I find Galen a little easier sometimes
Almost feel like it is a guilty pleasure to enjoy the fact that he is perfectly happy with the more available, healthier un-normal things in life.

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Anonymous said...

I didnt realize she had a blog. Thanks for pointing that out. She is certainly entertaining.
Glad the boys are enjoying school.
Try some muffins too. they would probably enjoy them. And they can be made ahead of time.