Sunday, September 02, 2007

Hormonally Speaking

Over to the right, on my sidebar, it says : I like chocolate, hot sex (with my precious hubby) sorry everyone else! and love babies.

That is true, but now I am going to tell you why I like them.

I like chocolate because it is full of hormones of the Phenylethylamine family. These include stimulants, antidepressants, and many other pharmacological usages, I also like chocolate because it is high in iron. There are some brands of dark organic chocolate that are so high in iron that all I would have to do to reach my USDA daily allowance is to eat 3 bars. - Now that is what I call a supplement!

I like hot sex, because it too is full of hormones. These hormones include: Oxytocin (hormone of love, bonding and the like. Also a pain killer), Dopamine (similar to heroin), Phenylethylamine, pheromones (the smells of connection and dirty socks), and seratonin (a mood lifter and calmer, similar to prozac). These hormones come wizzing out into your brain (and body) at an amazing speed of 250 miles per hour when you orgasm.

And why do I like babies? well, babies, when done right can give you shots of many of these hormones each time they feed. And when they get older, a cuddle will bring those hormonal memories back. In fact, in my not-so-humble opinion, if everyone breastfed their babies stressed out house wives would be much harder to find.

I find it absolutely amazing how well hormones work in our life if we let them do their jobs. This of course is assuming that we set up our lives so the hormones will help us and not hinder us.

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