Tuesday, September 18, 2007

I am there fore may I be

It is very strange to have mornings where I am the only thing moving in the house. The others are all out already, and then I have an hour or so before Clay baby awakes.

It feels kind of weird to not have anything that needs my attention right now. It is not that I do not have enough to do- it is just that none of those things are demanding my now.

I think having a little bit of quiet time helps to establish the fact that there is something underneath all the layers of persona we put on. Underneath the business person there is a mom. That underneath being the mom, I am a woman, underneath the woman there is a me- a unique person with interests of her own. Interests, that have been tucked away so long, that I almost forgot there was a me, almost forgot there was a center bearing up all these roles.

And you know what? This me likes music, and nature, and dancing. This me likes witting and poetry and prose and art.

When one strips away all the "have to"s and "supposed to"s and "needs to be" one finds that there is something worth doing all the "have to"s and supped to"s and "needs to be"s for.

Kind of just helps to add perspective to daily life.

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