Friday, January 18, 2008

the challange of independace

What happens when mom is day dreaming (ie, looking up baby girl clothes on ebay) and the two year old is hungry?

Smoke happens, acrid smoke happens.

He is a very smart, independent minded kid (like all 2 year olds). And he was going to make himself some ramen. He got the ramen out of the cupboard, opened it, put it in the bowl and put the bowl in the microwave.

He did everything right except for 2 little things:

1. he used a bowl that is not microwave safe.- usually not a big deal- the bowl may crack but we don't have too many other problems with that style of bowl.

2. he forgot to put water in with the ramen.

And hence the black ramen and acrid smoke. OF course, it is -15, and the windchill is -30. Wonderful time to open all windows to try to breathe.

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