Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Emerging Peopleness

My Galen turns 9 any second now. And it is really fun watching him becoming a real person.

Last night our midnight movie was "The Truman Show", and of course we spent half the time explaining to the children what was happening. Then near the end of the movie he asked if I was his real mom.

I assured him that no one could pay an actor enough to put up with what I have had to put up with with him.

He also made many other really cute statements and questions- but those are harder to remember.

And on Sunday night we actually played several rounds of Uno with 3 of the kids. And Ewan has been enjoying some of the games the adults have played this holiday- like settlers of Cattan.

Overall, as much as I love the cuddly baby phase and the cutest hell-maker on earth phase. I really think this next phase of turning into people holds a lot more fun for me. Discussions, games, theories and many fun stories are starting to emerge.

I think instead of lamenting the fact that my babies are now 9,7,(he will be 8 this year!)and 5, I think I will rejoice in their emerging peopleness and eagerly embrace this new phase (and it is not like we are running out of cuddly babies here).

And that brings me to a similar but different topic of how cute it was to have Clay bowling yesterday. We went bowling for Galen's party yesterday and of course we had a turn for Clay. He loves balls, and loved bowling balls just as much as any other ball. And every time he let the ball go down the alley he danced around for joy and made the cutest sounds- ahh- sometimes it seems almost valuable to have micro cameras everywhere.

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