Saturday, February 23, 2008

Saturday is a Special Day.....

Ever tried to teach a two year old that just because his older brother does something it doesn't mean that he should?

Galen though he should step on Ian, who just happened to choose to lie down in the middle of the walkway. So Clay thought it was funny and stomped on his brother 3 times.

Clay and Galen are pretty close buddies. Galen loves having a sweet little mimic. They sort of goad each other on. So, Galen has been somewhat autistic behaving lately, and getting through to him would be a challenge, but Clay, I had to deal with. He was picked up and talked to by the scruff of his shirt until he realized that Mommy was not joking. Then he grabbed and blanket and came and cuddled on my lap for a few minutes. Or at least what accounts for my lap right now. He has to curl around me, to stay up there, but he usually manages it.

Meanwhile, this vacation, that I have been so looking forward too seems even more distant after the day out with the family. We took today to go buy Galen some shoes, and had lunch on the way...did grocery shopping ect. It was a lot of work. Kind of makes me wonder of there is any such thing as a vacation with children.

So, anyways, it is gorgeous weather outside. 36 and Sunny! The snow is all melting, and Clay just followed his brothers outside long enough to get stuck in it. 2 feet of melting snow catches little kids quite well. I had to go rescue him since no one else seemed to hear his crys or care where they left him. I guess that is another thing he has to learn about Galen....not always as reliable as an older brother should be. I wonder if having an autistic brother makes kids wise before their time.

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