Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Republicans vote = good for thier pocket books

Yesterday was my birthday, but instead of spending a nice quiet evening at home and eating cake and ice cream, I went to the county caucuses and got the Republicans of Pine River to vote in an environmental initiative.

Of course, they resolves all the usual stuff of pro family, anti abortion, keep government out of health care. And so forth, but at the last minute I figured out how to word a a green proposition to the good people of Pine River.

"Be it resolved that we move towards renewable energy so as to provide an alternative to the inevitable rise of gas prices and other fossil fuels."

Most people read this as "good for their pocket books"
I read it as the only way to avoid disaster in an economy and infrastructure based on fossil fuels.

We need to move towards sustainable and renewable energy sources, and we need to do so quickly. Or the resulting economic and political crash will weed out all those who have not foreseen and prepared.

I had a dream last night that this crash was coming very fast- in my dream it was about 6months. Now, how much weight you put on a pregnant woman's lucid dreams is up to you. but as for me; I am working on that preparation.

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Anonymous said...

Bring on the crash! Embrace change, even if sudden and seemingly terrible. Let it come, and ride the wave!

Just my thoughts,