Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Excuses, Excuses

There are so many things I plan to blog when they happen to me. Things like interesting messes, the cutest things that the kids say and some of the usual frustrations associated with motherhood,but by the time I finally get around to sitting at my computer with enough continual minutes to put together half a coherent sentence at a time, I can not remember a thing. (If this sentence isn't coherent you can probably figure out why).

Anyways... now that you know you have missed some of the cutest things this week already, I will tell you about the one or two that I have not forgot.

Like tonight. I paused in cooking for 3 seconds to call Mike and let him know dinner was ready. In those 3 seconds Clay pushed a chair up to the counter ate the cheese for the other 4 sandwiches and then proceeded to pour the rest of the grapefruit juice out on the counter.

Clay likes to help in the kitchen. Last night I turned my back on him and some marinating fish to grind some bread crumbs only to discover the fish were now marinating in hot cocoa. He poured the rest of the cocoa on top of the olive oil garlic marinade.

So consider it fair warning if you ever join us for dinner.

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