Saturday, February 02, 2008

Review of the last 48 hours

When I was about 10 years old I started having birthday sleepers with my best friend, whose birthday was 4 days before mine. We would play games, eat lots of yummies, and watch movies until wee hours of the morning. We would talk and giggle and generally have lots of fun.

On Tuesday I turn the big Three O, and celebrated that fact this weekend. Mike and I found 3 sitters to take our 4 kids (what would I do without family around?) And we went out of town.

We headed to the cities had a nice ultrasound of our baby, the ultrasound tech noted several interesting things along the way. Here is the arms, and you can see the fingers, looked at the kidneys, bladder, heart, brain formations, noting the lack of any male gentilia (checked that several times).

Then we had lunch, shopped for some pink things, went to the LDS book store and napped at the hotel, had dinner, went to the temple and then snacked and played Settlers of Zarahemla until almost midnight. But there was a movie "Enchanted" on the demand system and we had to stay up to watch that. So finally zonked too tired not to sleep around 1:30 am. We did lots of laughing, playing and eating.

We truly took this morning easy, not leaving the hotel until almost noon. The whole thing reminded me very much of those sleepovers I used to have. Very relaxing and fun.

Our kids are glad to be back together with us and each other. And I need to leave the blog long enough to get Galen into the bath for church tomorrow.

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