Sunday, July 06, 2008

eating and pooping

There was a young man with a beard,
who said it is just as a I feared
"marshmallows a toasted and popcorn a roasted
has made me a tricky, sticky beard."

Now for the Shannon update. She weighed in at 11 pound, 6 oz this week. Out of all the things she has to learn to do this next year, she has largely mastered the whole eat and poop and then poop and eat cycle.

Yup, the first thing that happened when we got to church today was a diaper leaking on mommy.

I change a lot of diapers....and seem to spend the rest of the time feeding her. For those rare moments when she is doing neither, somebody else is usually holding her.

And if we are not holding her, she begins to demand it. Although she is happy enough as long as she is part of the action. So we hauled down the old highchair, and she can happily join us at the table without filling our arms at dinner.

These other picture are mostly here just so you can see how beautiful she is.

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