Tuesday, July 08, 2008


I really need you all to get on over to my website and prove to me that there are ecologically minded people in this world.

Because when people write a post like this http://autismbitestheblog.blogspot.com/
I just want to barf. Apparently they haven't read this http://cbs11tv.com/health/autism.coal.power.2.712702.html

and put two and two together- which in their case equals 6 autistic children. Of course the need to have something now, obviously must outweigh the need to protect our future generations from the same, or worse, things then we are suffering through.

Of course if gas were to drop down to $1/ gallon again I would probably give up hope that there would be future generations- at least of anything other then cockroaches and a few very adaptable weeds. But hey, the need for me to drive a lot in a big SUV outweighs those considerations. But of course, we all know that if we destroy this planet, the Lord is sure to give us a new one. (please notice this line IS dripping with sarcasm)

And while we are on that topic I have come to understand that all the nasty stuff talked about in revelations- all the end times wars, famines, plagues and what not- that we have/ are bringing those on ourselves. The Lord is not sending them. He was just warning us. It is our actions as citizens of this planet that have/are making those happen. Can I say that again? It is our actions as citizens of this planet that have/are making those happen.

That means that we have the power to change it. But first we got to change ourselves.

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