Tuesday, February 01, 2011

building a nest

I had a few contractions on Saturday- which reminded me that contrary to how I may have been feeling that I will not remain pregnant forever.

That seemed to finally be enough motivation to actually do the things on my to-do-list that I have thus far been successfully ignoring. Little things like getting the baby's car seat ready and other little things like ordering a crib, and sewing those blankets that have been sitting on my sewing table for many months.

Mike calls it "nesting". It could be. It doesn't seem to be the classical form of cooking and cleaning- but those are things I never seem to stop doing with the 5 kids I already have, so actually focusing on baby stuff probably qualifies as nesting pretty well.

But please do not ask me to paint any thing or get matching curtains to the crib decor- everything would have naturally matched perfectly if baby Roo was baby Arwen instead. But now I get to combine Shanny's pink and butterfly room with the nice little mis-match boys collection I have. We have baby blue, baby yellow and nice primary dinosaurs. It's a good thing little babies don't care about how coordinated their bedrooms are.

In my experience he will probably spend most of the first 2 years in my room anyways.

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