Monday, February 21, 2011

Undenably Ornery

I have reached a stage of undeniably orneriness. I feel like I should be laughing manically at all the evil things I am doing now- just because I am ornery.

- I don't share my sandwiches with kids who are supposed to be in bed/

-I don't correct spelling when I read through home work papers- I actually make them look it up.

- I make the dogs stay outside all day

-not allow TV time because the didn't get all the dishes done.

- I don't wan to be sat on, pounced on, ran into or crawled over.

- I do want to be held and cuddled, but only if you don't want anything from me- and only if you are older then me.

-I wish children had volume buttons and dream of making a sleeping draft to give them at bed time.

- I am not sure if I can even hold a civil conversation face to face anymore. I will automatically respond snarkly and make some evil jokes about cats that come to harm. And if you don't laugh that would be a good enough reason to bite off your head.

- And speaking about biting heads off (naa...., I think I'll skip this point)

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