Thursday, February 24, 2011

uncomftortablty large

ok - I have reached the stage of pregnancy where I am officially uncomfortably large (in the belly). No bands fit comfortably around me any more- weather it be a waist band or bra band- so nightgowns become my favorite clothes- although I often find myself longing to run around naked like a toddler in the summer.

I got a new stretch mark this week. The only way I knew it was a new one was because it was bright pink and still tender to the touch. It stretches all the way across my belly button and up into my ribs. I am beginning to wonder how much bigger can this belly grow?.... but I know better then to ask. The universe is happy to provide answers like that.

And of course people keep wondering when I am due. I tell them I am past one of my due dates and heading towards the next. Right now March 8th seems like an eternity away. And part of me would try to force the baby out, but I would prefer that he is fully cooked first and I believe babies are best at determining that. No body has every been pregnant forever.

At least that is what I keep telling myself. I have never found a reference in any of midwifery textbooks or readings regarding a pregnancy that went on forever.

Not surprisingly there are lots of answers to that on line..... many mothers must ask themselves that.
375 days seems to be the record of medical proof (280 is normal) and the baby was still under 7 pounds.

But if you are looking for extreme cases there are a few cases of fetal calcification that occur in extra-uterine pregnancies and one of those has been documented at 18 years, another lasting as long as 60 years. These are really rare events.

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