Sunday, February 13, 2011

Ian's Baptism

For those who wished they could have been there.

Ian was baptized today. We had a full room of wonderful people in attendance, including Grandpa Paul, Aunt Amy and family.

President Oldham conducted, Bishop Howard presided. Ian was all smiles and hugs. Mike managed to squeeze into the largest white suit they had.

The opening song was "Scripture Power", I gave the opening prayer.
Bishop Howard talked on Baptism. Then I help Shannon up to see the baptism. Ian wasn't overly thrilled about having his whole head underwater- but he managed without a cry. Brother Swankle and Bro Simmons were witnesses.

We waited to piano music (not as quiet as I would have liked) to Sister Brown to play to piano while Ian and Dad dressed. Then Grandma Lynn gave a talk on the Holy Ghost. And Ian was confirmed a member of the Church by his Dad, with Bishop Howard, President Oldham, Bro Swankle, Bro Simmons, and Bro Weaver (our Home Teacher) in the circle. Ian was told he would serve his mission and be a great servant of the Lord. Afterward Ian had to hug everyone again.

Then we had our closing song of I am a Child of God and a closing prayer by Bro Simmons.

The refreshments were nice. We had build your own sandwiches with a variety of choices in breads, cheeses, ham, turkey, condiments, tomatoes, pickles, and letus. And cut veggies sticks, fresh lemonade (made from organic lemons), apple sauce and brownies.

We had lots of help with clean up and lots of pleasant time talking with our wonderful friends and family who made it.

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