Monday, February 14, 2011

Ready To Burst

Tonight I enter my "stay around home" phase of pregnancy. That means I am in my birthing safe zone and would not be surprised if baby made his entrance at any time.

And I feel ready to burst. Every other step feels like a contraction- I think it is just baby bones sticking out through all parts of my anatomy. Just about every part of me is sore and achy and when I look in the mirror I see a semi- truck, double loaded.

So far this baby reminds me most of Galen. That could be his size - or all the weight he made me gain. At least this kid is a picky enough eater to make me eat mostly healthy- plus all the good ice cream.

I have washed enough of his stuff for the first several days and have a nice stock of diapers, pads and the like ready to go.

The crib and new bedding have yet to arrive. I have enough for the first few days.

Mike wishes the crib would show so we could set up the nursery area.

Except for me feeling ridiculously uncomfortable, I could wait a few more weeks.... but he most definitely has my permission to arrive sooner then that.

The ultrasound showed him to be 2 to 2.5 weeks farther in development then the due date would indicate. Being that I never usually deliver somewhere between 39 and 40 weeks that puts me right around 39 weeks now. ... or the ultrasound is off and we wait until sometime in early March to burst. Unfortunately that feels like forever from now.

On your 6th baby there is no signs of impending birth like there was on the first 3. There is no walking around dilated at 3 cm for a week or 3. The cervix won't budge until labor starts- and then it knows what it's job is so well that everything will happen quickly- usually in less then a few hours. So this makes the "checks" the doctors usually do pretty useless. And it is pretty nice to know that there is one less reason for a stranger to have his fingers up your privates.

Baby drops and engages every time I stand up and disengages just as easily when I try to sleep. He must like sleeping in my chest. Soon he'll be sleeping on it.

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