Saturday, April 02, 2005

Kids belong outside (in a cage)

I love warm bright sunny days when the kids can be in the sandbox, and outside all the time.
I hate crying, and noise and the same questions asked over and over.
I also don't understand why a child refusses to try something new, or trys to out strubrun his parents. Like Galen and his new glasses. He refusses to wear then unless we are reading together. So Mike locked his old glasses away and now Galen either has to wear the new ones or go blind today. Galen doesn't like his options and chooses to cry on the floor. Meanwhile Ian is crying outside because he wanted to go out but there is no brother out there for him to play with.

All three kids going cheep today. They are deffinetely easier before they know they have a will of thier own.
Also why does the school district have to throw days off in the middle of nowhere that just makes the noise louder and prolonged? Galen had yesterday off of school. And it was cold and rainy. Every full time mom hates rainy days. Kids belong outside!

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