Thursday, April 28, 2005

Real Life in the ER

AS IF this week wasn't busy enough . . . the kids who have not even been able to run adn scream outside, due to the cold wet (and snowy) weather, had to run and play and make a mess inside. During which they decied to get on top of the cabinet in the bathroom, spill the soaps on my floors and drink the tylonal, and allergy meds.

So the evening begain with telling the kids to clean the toliet paper out of the bathtub (where they put with Ian in the bath because Ian pooped in the bath, and we all know how well a whole roll of TP does in a bathtub full of water.) Then a 911 call, asking to be connected to posion controll, but oh no the opperater thought the problem needed police and ambulence. I was able to talk the ambelence dispatcher into not sending someone, and finally got connected to poision control.

Posion control said they'd call the ER and we should go in ab out an hour (because they won't do a blood test before 2 hours anyways). So then the police showed up and had to make sure everything was ok. Then pregnant hormens kicked in and I started cleaning up the mess., and found the allergy meds were spilt all over the floor. (not that the allergy meds were ever a worry to the posion control center).

So we got to the ER, (8:30pm) adn there was nobody waiting, and three people at the front desk, who all ready had a room for us. For the first hour they were cooing over who cute the kids were adn asking every 2 minutes how we were doing. The kids had the typical questions, blood draws and charchole (mixed with coke a cola) given to them. Oh, yea and don't forget as many people asking if I was ok. Then the ER got busy.

Every room was full before we knew what was going on, and there were police officers walking about (probaly 1 or 2 with most of the 911 call that went out that night (gee I wonder why)). So we waited, and we watched Finding Nemo, we waited, and we watched Baby Einstine, adn we walked around the ER. Ian started begging for water,s o we had to find the nurse who could talk to Dr to see if that was ok. But Ian was on the floor, screaming about wanting a drink, before it was approved.

Finally the Dr came back with the results of the blood draw. Ian had 0 level of Tylonal, Ewan had a blood level of 13. And that, according to the Dr, who contacted posion control, was not supposed to cause dangerous levels of liver damage. So I was told we could get our discharge in 5 minutes, so I dressed the kids just in time for the nurse to ask if they could move us to the waiting room for the discharge papers, because they needed our room. I laghed and we were out of there 15 minutes later.

Of course, both the pumpkins fell asleep in the car, and stayed zonked as we dropped them on the couch and later in thier beds. And soon it is my turn. But somewhow I had not accomplished what I had planned to do tonight.

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