Saturday, April 16, 2005

Sorry, I have been redicuouly busy and the blog just doesn't rank up as top priority . .
Anyways, We have shot our new matenrity lines and are still working on getting everything in place to send to the printers. (so we can have all the papers before the trade show).

The kids are driving me crazy, but that is normal in raining weather when they haven't breen fed lunch yet (hey, it's cooking)

Galen finally got used to his new bifocals. We had quite an interersting time with this- but I do not have the energy to go into details. . .

Ewan still has be right behind me in everything I do asking the same question over and over again. (ever wonder if God gets tired of us asking him the same thing over and over?) He is excited for grandma Karla to come, but doesn't seem to realise that when I say 2 weeks, I do not mean 2 minutes.

Ian has learned that screaming will get his parents attention. However, when he uses that technique for anything non-life-threatening, then we jsut put him to bed.

Mike has returned to school and we are all getting used to 6 am mornings to get Mike to the bus at 7.

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