Saturday, April 02, 2005

Chili & a beautiful day

The weather cooperated perfect today for conference. The kids were outside in the sand and I could actually hear the talks given (that was until 4:30 when they came in hungry), so like always I missed the last 1/2 hour, but being able to hear the other 3.5 is always good.

So then I made dinner twice. First I made a big pot of chili. Then as I was mixing the cornbread up adn was putting the sugar back on the self the 64 oz container of olive oil was knocked down and just happened to push the whole pot of chili over the edge of the stove. It got the floor, adn the dog pretty well (luckily it wasn't boiling yet, so the dog did not get hurt). Do you know how fustrating it is to have dinner almost ready then loose it all? Not to mention have a huge mess and dog to clean up?

Well Mike helped me clean up the floor. Then I started again. Completely from the start. I diced more onions, garlic, celery. Had to defrost another pound of hamburger... and all the other things that go into my chili. The only thing I didn't have to restart was the corn bread. I only had to finish that.

The dog did enjoy the chili. He ate a fair amount off the floor, and even more off himself. I am not sure if the dog will need a bath. Ian got priority tonight with his diaper stench, and the dog looked happy and wagged his tail.

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