Monday, April 25, 2005

My day off has gone and went

And I don't have another one schedueled until May 4th.

My Children are getting excited over Grandma Karla comming and Ih ave to pack all the clothing and booth needs for the show. I plan to use the line sheets as packing lists.

Yesterday I had a nice day off. we went to church. All three boys dressed in white shirts and ties and then we came home (and undressed the boys immedately so they could go out and play). During chruch Mike told Galen to sit still. Galen reply (in a screamed pannic was "Don't tourchure me Dad."

Then I had a reasonable nap and made dinner of popcorn and ants on the logs for the kiddlets.

After the kiddlets were tucked in bed and quiet, then I made torillas and had a quiet dinner with Mike, who when watching Tv shortly afterwards fell asleep on the couch. When I woke him up for bed I teased him.

"Next week, you are going to go to school unreasted looking and explain that you had to sleep on the couch all night becasue of your wife. Do you have a fight? No, she is out of town." M aby I'd better add that to my notes for Karla- wake up Mike and send him to bed.

Anyways . . . I might almost be out of things to say- for know. It is now time to cook breakfast. :)

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Anonymous said...

Hope your expo goes well and that you have a fun time with your floor savvy (hopefully) crew. Safe travels and see you sometime in May!! Lady Amber