Saturday, April 23, 2005

Up Because I'm too Itchy to sleep

ahh, the glories of a litle yeast where it doesnt' belong., and for some reason the itchies intensify for a few hours after you use the medicine.

Squggily is still living up to his name. And Amber' sister Karla has helped me remimber why I no longer care for ultrasounds, all it takes is shocking or bad news several times and you wouldn't care much for them either. Personally, I know what desicion I would have to make if my baby was unhealthy and unlikly to survive, however I can understand why adn how another parent would make another decision. Either way 99% chance of heart renching.

Let's see besides that all my files are at the printers! and I now have zip software. We have a beautiful Eco Sprout poster. 24x36" is a lot bigger than I immagined, but beautiful and still perfect. Now I am glad I did not go much bigger.

Ewan and Galen supprized both Mike and I tonight. They cleaned Galen's room (without even being asked to) and they did a pretty decent job (excellent for thier ages).

Ian has been crawling on all fours making little mewing sounds. He makes such a nice kitten, but when I asked Mike if I could have the kitty he just reminded me that theydon't a kitten very long.

Oh yes, another interesing thing. We now have a life size drawing of Ewan on our living room wall (complete with name). Luickly Galen drew it with chalk and not marker or crayon or pen.

Now that I think about it, in the annauls of time and eternity almmost all art is of a transiate nature, extecpt for what we make of ourselves.

Well, good night

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