Tuesday, January 17, 2006

another chat worth saving

Paul Hunt: emoticon is another addition to our language

me: what would we do with out being able to smile with our chating/emailing?
We are trying to teach galen about non-verbal communication. We are asking him alot about how he thinks others feel- usually using thier expressions as cues

Paul Hunt: cool

me: his autsim slows him down on that kind of them more then the average child. We also hope to use it as a base to teach empathy.

Paul Hunt: yup

me: if boys are so emotionally vulnerable then why does our society try to forget that they even have emotions?

Paul Hunt: that is part of the issue

me: the show really opened my eyes to that fact. It was like, ohh, yes I guess they ought to learn they have emotions and that emotions need expression.

Paul Hunt: we are a slow learning society on some topics.

me: girls just assume that the men don't have emotions because they never undestand thier (girl's) emotions anyways, but I gues martians have them too, adn we better teach them what to do with them

Paul Hunt: knowledge is power

me: ye, power. Then of course along with emotions it only makes sense to teach things like polietness, manors and respect
Define "Respect" for a 5 year old

Paul Hunt: oooh, that sounds challenging

me: lol . . kids are tucked

Paul Hunt: sleep well kiddies

me: so can you define respect for an adult?

Paul Hunt: # Respect is the objective, unbiased consideration and regard for the rights, values, beliefs and property of all people. Kant's categorical imperative as well as what is commonly understood of being a gentleman incorporate the concept of respect.

me: so what dictionary did you steal that from?

Paul Hunt: googles first hit

me: ok, so simplify that

Paul Hunt: an attitude of admiration or esteem; "she lost all respect for him"
obedience: behavior intended to please your parents; "their children were never very strong on obedience";
this is a good one: deference: courteous regard for people's feelings; "in deference to your wishes"; "out of respect for his privacy"

me: I like that in of regards for people's feelings. That might do for teaching the generalities of respect, also to show diffrence to those you admire, look up to

Paul Hunt: courteous is a good adjective too

me: yep, Now to try to teach those things
me: example, and practice

Paul Hunt: nothing works except example and practice. Nothing works WITHOUT example and practice

me: once the kids have the fundimentals down then I will bring them out into the world to intteract with real people. I think our test will be "how many people will leave your interactions smiling?"

Paul Hunt: good one

me: through the homeschooling I have come to the opnion that acedemics is very little, and that to teach acedemics you are missing the actual important items like character

Paul Hunt: academics change, character will encourage real academic acheivement on individual terms

me: yep, character is what I am to teach, then they may be ready to learn the acedimeics correctly (with out much pushing)

Paul Hunt: yup

me: the strange thing is that this is not something I would have immagined a month ago

Paul Hunt: why?

me: I was focused on the acedemics. Now I am focused on the child(ren) and real interactions with life and people. But the more time I am with them the more clear the need of teaching these character traits become

Paul Hunt: teach it, be it

me: yep, we even pulled the attentia connection to the tv, I did not pull him out of school so he could watch pbs all day

Paul Hunt: antenna, attentia, nice slip

me: I had to study the differences before I could see the underlining difference in them

Paul Hunt: one implies a device that pulls in attention

me: yep, that is an ideal

me: Galen had 4 tacos for dinner

Paul Hunt: it takes calories to bounce off of walls

me: the strange thing is that when the kids are hyperactive they are dont' eat

Paul Hunt: they make up for it, Like with meth

me: probably

Paul Hunt: interesting... it IS like meth

me: yes, very much so, and I know it is something in what they ate the the body is reacting to, some kind of toxin.

Paul Hunt: even if it is just natural kid enthusiasm, it is still much like meth. They don't eat, they stay very active, then they crash

me: well, sometimes it is obviously something they ate. There is a different sort of activeness. When it has to do with excitment, you can still get through to them, and they can still process what is going on around them. When it is the toxic reactions then they are lost, hyperactive but on planet 9, and all data that goes in to thier head gets bounced back, unread.

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