Tuesday, January 03, 2006

manifesting the carefully planned growth of the businesses

me: so I am not a puter junkie, I just count on the computer to connect me to my world
svava_the_tempting: my men (in a business sense) are out doing the sam's run
me: ahh, someone needs to keep you stocked on sugar and c affine
svava_the_tempting: something like that
me: I just love your markup
ssvava_the_tempting: we don't buy any caffine as sam's but lots and lots of surgar
svava_the_tempting: we average only a 44% markup
me: wish I could do that and still be cheaper then the store down the street
me: only a 44%, I thought candy was 300%
svava_the_tempting: the candy is fantastic, the role playing books suck
me: yep
me: I average a 50% markup
me: tights and socks suck
me: but Under the Nile brand and blue canoe bras I get a full100%
svava_the_tempting: nice
me: it is, that's why I bother to carry them, besides the fact that they expand my lines for the one stop shopping needs of my customers
svava_the_tempting: very true
me: yep - I hope to became a nice department store one day
svava_the_tempting: online?
me: 1 stop shopping for all organic fiber products
me: online- but if I ever do set up a real store -physically
me: then we will offer furnacure and other house hold good to support the organic life style
svava_the_tempting: let me tell you dealing with customers is . .. d=signifigantly different
me: I deal with customers
svava_the_tempting: not all day every day in person
svava_the_tempting: very different
me: nope- but that is what a store manager is for
me: I will be running the business- world wide bsuienss
svava_the_tempting: ah
me: all from my home puter
svava_the_tempting: okme: of course, I will have to walk a round the production and boutique areas occasionally
svava_the_tempting: of course
me: pat people on the back and tell them how good of a job they are doing, or give them a little instruction of what it was I ment when I said . . .
svava_the_tempting: ah
me: sometimes I wonder If I should still provide a lot of Customer service or If I will have to pass that on to some one who I hand pick and train very carefully
svava_the_tempting: hmmms
vava_the_tempting: I would assume by the time you get that big you'll need an army of customer service associates
me: I am hoping there will be way to much for me to ha ndle alone
svava_the_tempting: all specially trained
me: yep - all trained not to say the word "no"
me: all trained to provide what the customer feel she needs
me: all trained to say "we can do that!"
me: and then hold the power to get it done for her
svava_the_tempting: could work
me: I am thinking that I may structure the comany little different
me: that maby the customer service person creates the packing slips, and then calls production if any thing unusual is needed
svava_the_tempting: hmm
svava_the_tempting: might work
me: it is also the cs job to see that it gets doen ans out to the customer on time
me: maby I will pay them some commision for happy customers
me: And the customer service department will be in all the marketing meeting, because they are the ones w ho know what the customer is looking for and what they need
svava_the_tempting: ah
me: however commisions will not be based on sales amounts , but on fullfiling the customers needs
me: maby theu will get a bonus for thier customers that return
svava_the_tempting: hmmm perhaps
me: and ideally there is a special connection between a customer and her CS person.
me: But we have to make it easy to get help even when the CS is not in
svava_the_tempting: army of cs
svava_the_tempting: army
me: probably
me: we will also have to have a detailed inventory info on computer for quickl cs access
me: for sizes, colors, lengths of evrey size of inseam, rise, ect
me: and of course the pedegree of the garment and fabric
svava_the_tempting: very true
svava_the_tempting: would be handy
me: make it easy, and they will do it
me: and of course if you type in the customers name or phone and it pulls up all the info on them and thier past purchases
svava_the_tempting: ah

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