Sunday, January 22, 2006

gets cuter

Galen's tooth fairy story get cuter. Last night he came up to me at bed time and had me help him spell out his letter back to the tooth fairy. He even used the fancy curly letter style the tooth fairy used in her note. Then he stuck it under his pillow along with his tooth.

The tooth fairy was so charmed. She had to write a letter back and leave a whole dollar for his tooth. The tooth fairy invited Galen to become pen pals with her.

So he took his dollar to church with him today and heard a talk on how fast offerings feed the poor. So he grabbed a tithing envolope and put his whole dollar in there. I helped him fill out the form. He said he wanted his money to buy food for the the hungry. And then we gave it to the bishop.

What a sweetie, finally I am seeing some of what it means to become as little children.

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