Thursday, January 12, 2006

Return to sender

I'm going to package this day right back up, double tape it, with about 3 layers of package tape on every edge. Stamp on it in big red letter "RETURN TO SENDER" and ship overnight express garenteed. Then when they open it back up in hell it can explode in thier faces. Do you want a list of reasons why I'm sending this day back?

1. The post man came an hour early for the package pick up this morning, that means my packages weren't ready.
2. I couldn't ship internatioal with out the phone number, so I went to the post office' s kiosk, but for some reason you cant ship international there either and have to stand in line- yeah right I had 4 boys with me.
3. took the boys to the office depot- survived giving them a strong dose of Vit N (no) , but then my card was declined on check out. I didn't have another way to pay, as I usually try to stick to keep all other forms of payment at home to prevent over buying. Ok- had to go home get another card - strange that was declined too- but at least I was smart enough to bring my check book.
4. ok so we got home, and I gave the kids a snack- and I could still smell the waffles in wafe in the air, I thought it might be the dinner I stuck in the crock pot. But you know what? the crock pot is cold. It wasn't plugged in! There goes any sane attempt at dinner.

in 8 minutes we have to leave to Twe Qwon Do, and I bet the kids aren't dressed yet.

5. Add to all this an autsitic boy in an ornery mood- yeah poor kitty, poooor brothers, poor ears.

is return postage paid?

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Anonymous said...

check out what is happening with your biorhythm today. It makes perfect sense what's happened in our house today.

Hope you get a good night's rest.