Friday, January 27, 2006

How to Fix the economy

Most people have the feeling the American Economy is going down hill. And who can blame them, the headlines have been leading with mass layoffs expected at manufactoring jobs every where we turn in America.

My Economic theroys probally don't agree with the vodoo economists in Washington, however I think they are worth a posting. (probably just for the reason they don't agree with the washingtonits)

First of all I am of the opnion that to fix the national economy we first got to fix our individual and local economy. What does that mean?

It means that we need to live financially sustainablly. Quite often the sustainablilty jives quite nicely with Ecological sustainability too. We can not live going deeper into debt. We need to look at where we are spending money and why. Are we spending lots of money at restuarnts because we have no time to cook? We do we have no time to cook? BEcause we spend hours in the car all day commuting?

Does tossing kids in daycare make parenthood sustainable? What is sucking our money?

What can we change in our lives to make it more sustanable? Can we live closer to work? HOw much time and gas will it save you? OR even work at home. We you cut back the hours you work and then save money by cooking or cleaning for ourselves? Gardening? Can we do sewing or cooking for others? Immagine a meal share program where we can cook for 2 familes every other night.

Can we think about home ecomonics as what we do at home for the economy? Like gardening rather then grocery shopping or sewing rather then clothes shopping? Not only can it give it a sense of accomplishment and pride in well crafted items, but it can also be used as a way not to need as much cash on hand.

Also there are the ideas of taking advantage of that which is free. A libary membership is usually free and is great place to get books and references. Parks are a great place to hang out- that way you don't need your own green spaces (as much). And using second hand items. Maby even getting to know and spend time with your neighbors and friends. Most of us allready own board games. It doesnt' cost much to get to gether and play.

If we structure our personal lives around economic sustainability we can help the others around us accomplish that too.

The same principles apply to national economies. We got to stop buying and start utilizing what is within us and around us.


Paul said...

If households stop running up huge defecits, not as much money will be pumped up hill. How will the guys at the top survive?

Round Belly said...

by cooking thier own dinners :)