Thursday, October 04, 2007

can we go home yet?

The urologist- Dr Husman came in to visit with us at 6:45 this morning. Mike was on overnight with Ian, and I got to sleep in a hotel with Clay, as long as I did the laundry. So now both our babies have clean blankies again.

Anyways, he said there was a little bit of kidney damage that showed up on the MRI. And reiterated the need to cath him 4 times per day. So last night Ian actually had his first cathing in the hospital. It took 5 of us to do it. (yep 3 days after checking in, they finally realized that they should be cathing him. That has happened to us before).

We will be back to the Mayo in 2-3 months and will see most of the Drs we saw on this trip. Dr. Nash (spinal bifida), Dr Freese (GI) Dr Husman and who knows how many more. I don't think we will be seeing Dr Raffle again. His work is done.

We were told we could go home when he runs clear, but his progress to that state is not quick, but it is mostly steady. But now we are also waiting on the urine analysis.

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