Friday, October 26, 2007

Getting In Tune

I got my piano tuned this week. It's mellow, rich tones echoing through our house. Of course the challenge with getting the piano tuned is now I know that when I a chord I am playing sounds sour, it is me, and not my piano. Removes my excuses for letting a few wrong notes through.

Otherwise it is Friday. I felt pretty good most of the day. Then 7pm hit. I have been kinda tired and nauseous since 7. Before 7 I felt like I was antsie and kind of wanted to go so things. So, I took the kids to grandma's to borrow some movies and then to the grocery store for a chocolate ice cream run. And besides ice cream we also come home with ravioli. Yummy.

We have been having dinner lately about 5pm. That is when I demand to eat. Tonight we had french toast at 5. And then at 7 we had ice cream and at 8:30 I had ravioli. Clay baby ate 3 helpings of ravioli. The other kids haven't seen it yet. I also absolutely have to eat as soon as I get up (usually about 6:45) and then by 11, eat lunch at 12, and by 4,7,9 ish.

My kids are watching their kid movie right now. Mike and I have one to watch after we put the kids down- If I last that long. Ian is already asleep, it looks like Ewan will go out soon. Ian fell asleep just before dinner yesterday- right across the dining room chairs as I was setting the table. He slept all night and woke up happy at 7 this morning. Somehow, I just can't seem to build a desire to wake a sleeping kid for a cathing.

I stopped by my mom's today. She is now wearing my size clothing (yup, she kind of looked nice in those 18 talls). And I asked her if she will be smaller then me in a few months. At first she said no, but then I reminded her that I plan on my waist growing a bit before then.

That is one thing nice about pregnancy- no more hoping or hiding your belly curves away- it is a time to enjoy putting the nice round thing forward. Anybody who said curved weren't beautiful, obviously wasn't looking at a real woman.

Tonight mom went out again- to yet another fancy fund raiser dinner. I smiled when I told her that I was going home to a nice simple dinner and a quite evening (as quiet as it can be with 4 boys). She told me that I wasn't allowed to say that to Dad.

Poor Dad, he would have been content with a tuna fish sandwich and a good tv show (or internet search, or book or....) Luckily I was very able to turn down invitations for this holiday season. And it is a very good thing I did. Fund raiser dinners are bad enough to wait 1.5 hours for dinner (that is when the silent auctions are) when you are not pregnant- but to do that with how my morning sickness has been this time- I would have eating anybody who looked at me crosswise for an appetizer.

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Anonymous said...

Your eating habits remind me of hobbits. Enjoy the food! I did with Nahni's pregnancy like I never have before.