Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Empathy for Aunt Katy

Although Ian has fallen asleep very quickly on his hospital bed, I truly can feel for Aunt Katy. This parent's couch is about as soft as a a jaded pile of bricks. Every twist and turn last night made me think "now there is another chiropractic adjustment I will need to have."

The doctors we met with yesterday explained that most kids with spinal biffida have been catheter ed and bowel cleansed from birth, the children do not know any different. Ian, however, had 4 years where his went undiagnosed (because it was low and internal). So now we not only have the job of teaching him (and us) how to take care of his potty needs, but also have to undo the enlargements of the colon and bladder that has occurred during this time.

Because they wanted the MRI today, they stopped the go lightly at 3:30 this morning- however they were kind of hoping his bowels would be clear before the MRI so the MRI would provide a better picture of what was happening. For some reason, nobody thought to look at the history of his previous bowel cleansing and say "hey, it took us 3 days to get his bowels cleared last time, why do we think they will move easily for us now?"

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Paul said...

Perhaps because he doesn't have three quarters, a nickel, an apricot pit, and four years of impaction this time.