Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Wensday's update

well, it says a lot that a little bedroom with a leak in the ceiling is a lot better night's sleep then the parent's couch in the hospital room. there is hope that we will be out of here today, one of the interns said it might happen. Ian is now making nice large messes.- and he wanted his care bear.

The poor pumpkin was almost comatose yesterday. He didn't want to respond to people, and mostly slept all day- so when we went "downtown" he rode in a wheel chair, and was throwing up every several minutes. He actually started looking interested in life in the physical therapist's room. Then he actually got out of the wheel chair and started climbing around. This aliveness continued when we came back to the hospital and he was allowed 20 minutes in the play room before being hooked up again.

This morning he is enjoying some cheesy kid shows on TV. - Maybe I will go do some research on bedbegs.

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