Saturday, June 14, 2008

another week, no baby

I guess what it boils down to, is that I do not want to share her yet.

Especially with people who have hurt me recently and out right refused my request for the traditional "baby in" time.

Nearly every culture has a "baby in" time. A time where Mommies and babies are made to be together for a certain number of weeks or months with minimum distractions. Most often this time varies from 4-8 weeks.

In many cultures it is a taboo for anyone but Mommy, Daddy and Midwife to see the baby during this time.

In our culture it is very challenging to even hold people at bay during the immediate postpartum period, non the less in the sacred weeks of restructuring into a larger family unit that follows.


Anonymous said...

This is a sentiment that you've seem to come into especially strongly with this little one. Birthing at home holds an entirely different energy than in a hospital, and the sacred space concept is very hard to wrap their minds around for those used to the flash and public access of a hospital birth. I had to birth at night because I didn't want anyone to come and see the baby until I was ready, or for the hospital to be nearly empty and quiet. I completely understand what you're feeling and if you need a family pitbull to keep others at bay, let me know. :)

Enjoy your sacred space and special time. Blessings to all.


Anonymous said...

I meant to add that it was for my last one that I had to birth at night. It was a choice. It wasn't nature taking its course. I chose to start my labor and when the baby would come. You have this power within. Summon it when you're ready. It's already within. And your spiritual midwives will support and embrace you as much as any human would.