Sunday, June 01, 2008

Sunday Night and All is Well.

not perfect, but well enough.

It was another beautiful day outside, with all the trees in blossom. The breeze was just enough to offset the early summer sun, and We, well at least Ewan and I, went to church. We picked up grandma on the way to save some gas.

By the time we got home from church It was nap time. Grandpa picked up Ewan to play with Ethan and Galen got all upset and tried to walk to grandpa's his old para found him (again, the second time in 3 days)... and sent her sister to the door to alert us. Mike was on the case.

Then he successfully kept Galen busy with some computer games. By dinner time, it was becoming fairly clear that Galen had walked through a wood tick nest or two. So we told him that the best course would be to cut his mop and then have a bath. That way it would be much easier to spot all the ticks, and indeed, we found 4 more just while he undressed.

But he now has a face... with out glasses. :)

And My fingers could use another round of soap to reduce the smell left from Ian's medical procedures tonight. The only kids that are still up are Galen, he wants a story and Ian, who fell asleep during his enema.

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