Sunday, June 22, 2008

Excuses, Excuses

After a 2 week absence, we were seriously planning to go to church today. I even ironed Shannon's Sunday dresses last night. But alas, our plans were foiled.- and I can promise you this time it wasn't the promise of labor that caused us to stay home.

It was the battle with mosquitoes, you know the kind that buzz around your head while you are trying to sleep. And then when you get up and turn on the lights to swat them, they hide.

The mosquitoes alone, wouldn't have foiled the church plans for me. But a very hungry baby (with appropriate elementary canal work) combined with those pesky mosquitoes did.

I changed several very messy diapers last night, one set of receiving blankets and had to put a scratchy towel over my new from the wash sateen sheets due to the biggest leak yet. I made sure to crawl into bed before midnight, and Shannon was hungry so I took her with me (after just changing her diaper). Well, she started squeaking and grunting and before I knew it her efforts paid off. She leaked all through her diaper, her blanket, on my sheets, my blanket, and unto me.

So 45 minutes later I crawled into bed again...with a hungrier Shannon. That process mostly continued all night until about dawn, when she finally settled down to sleep.

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Anonymous said...

we need more pictures!