Friday, June 20, 2008

Ready for the World

Today was Shannon's first outing. Of course we had to dress her brother's up too.

Everywhere we went Shannon was cooed at and people used descriptive terms like "Pretty face" and "Long fingers".

Grandma Lynn was happy to get her baby fix today. Shannon made sure she paid for it too. Her diaper leaked on Grandma's lap.

Galen and Ewan's invention day camp was finished today and we arrived later then we desired to see their showcase. It took us quiet a while to put the car seat back together after cleaning it- and then try to get it installed in the car.

Galen made a water balloon launcher that would have launched the balloons across the parking lot. The camp staff made him reduce his design to fit with in the class room settings. (too bad, go Galen!)

And he also made a robot the looks like the one in the new Wall E movie. Only he misspelled it and it was "Will E". But it so had the character of the one from the ads.

Ewan enjoyed camp too. Luckily Ryan was there for Ethan- and my kids until we arrived. He understood the "Car seat fiasco" issues.

But now both car seats are installed and can be used with much more ease.

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