Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Galen Unveiled!

I just got a very revealing phone call this morning. Galen happily announced to Mike, while waiting for his last school bus of the year that he had orange pop at school on Thursday or so of last week.

That explains many things pertaining to this weekend.

And it explains this incident too: "We found some new frames for Galen's glasses, which is useful, because in an autistic fit this afternoon he threw his current ones out the car window, which were immediately ran over. (that was after he threw his shoes in the garbage and tried to walk to grandmas (ie run away)."

I really wish people would open their eyes to the studies on artificial colors and flavors and see what they are doing to kids each time they share/give candy or junk food. See study story here.
It is not just Mike and I and Galen's behavior anymore, there is scientific evidence for it.
Maybe the children need a sign "DO NOT FEED ME GARBAGE."

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