Thursday, November 10, 2005

homeschooling thoughts

To bring about a Zion society, we must educate our children to that end now. We must educate them in truth and light, we must educate them that all people are special (is that ironic?). And we must educate them on how to live, how to share, how to love. How to plan economically, socially and realisticlly to we can reach a state where there is no poor among us.

And in so teaching our children, we will find that we are teaching and refining ourselves to that same end.

That is the answer to the question I have been asking for a month. How do we bring about Zion?

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Anonymous said...

I believe that homeschool is the only way for our family. I cannot let my children loose their natural abilities because of societies demands on conformity. I treasure the time I have with my kids and look forward to homeschooling. There are so many types of cirriculum available that it's relatively easy to homeschool. It's a huge commitment though, of time, body, mind and soul. Enjoy any personal space you have now because it will never happen if you start to homeschool. That's part of my personal commitment to my children. I didn't have kids just for the sake of having kids. I am 100% their mom/parent and it's my duty and delight to be their teacher and student. I learn as much if not more from them as they do me.

Things that we do daily and/or will be apart of our homeschool experience: yoga, meditation, reiki, shamanism, massage, chanting, singing, dancing, several hours of outside play, global travel, cooking, early introduction to languages, and so much more. Heck, my kids will know how to operate heavy machinery and run bio-diesel plants by the time they're seven, or earlier. (:

Good luck with whatever decision(s) you make.