Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Economic issues

this artticle touches on several issues set to pull down the economy of our dear country

It's an article on the lay offs GM has announced and breifly touches on why.
However it is interesting to think of it in terms of national issues instead of just GM issues

1. sales reversed for line up, many standard American products feel that pinch, becasue no longer offer the hippest newest, or best engineered products out there. We know that, but we don't care becasue the Chinise stuff is also cheaper.

2. Burden of paying pentions and healthcare for retirees. OUCH!, as an employeer myself I couldn't even begain to offer pentions or healthcare for those who can not work for me longer. As a member of Gen X, I can barley fathom anyone planning to live on a pension instead of personal savings for retirment.

3. High costs of unionized workers.

Basicly there are some major ecomonic problems ahead for us. Mostly the system of paying retiries not to work is not going to work. There too many of them and too few workers. Sorry retiriees, as a young middle class worker, I could use every scrap of my income to by peanut butter and bananas for my kid's lunch instead of helping you play golf. And if you have enough energy to play golf then you could be doing something usefull adn earning your own living (still).

And another I still don't get about middle class america is how come us family people have to have 2 people in the work force, be parents and still be paying your retirment? IF we are paying you to retire shouldn't you be raising our kids? At least that way the kids have an adult around and we have money for peanut butter.

So if we put the retired people to work, the other major concern is health care? Does anybody have a good health care plan before it eats us all for dinner?


Anonymous said...

Retirement itself is a strange concept. I can't see myself working my butt off for 40 years just so I can take it easy to explore the world, all after my health is declining and the only person I can share it with is a man I barely know anymore because I worked so hard to have money and lost my relationship with my mate along the way. I'd much rather be poor, enjoy life every day with my family, and see the world as it unfolds, rather than 40 years down the road.


George Breed said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Roundness of Belly!
Blessings to you and family!