Friday, November 04, 2005

Watched a movie I love

It is Ground Hog's Day with Bill Murry. I just love how he has to change his outlook and reason for being before he can get anywhere. Helps me to remember how I should try to be everyday (and not just on the days that repeat themselves).

To be a people person because I love and believe in the individuals. The more people I actually get to know the better opinion I have of people in general. Behind every mask of dyed hair and makeup might a women who actually is trying hard to discover herself. (and not jsut a floosy as I would quickly classify them as). It is true that our outter appearances tell alot about us, but very seldom do they tell the whole story and it is the whole story that creates the real people.

I think it would be fun to either write a book detailing the inner lives of the every people you meet on the street or have a TV series (preferably PBS) that would do that for us. Maby then we can stop seeing people as a mass entity and see them for the precious individuals that are deserving of our time and love.


George Breed said...

Yes, indeedy!
Here's to In Sight!
A gracious posting! Thank you!

Soleil said...

Very well said. :) I agree 100%