Thursday, November 10, 2005

The economies of Zion

To make it so there is no poor among you is not about hand outs or tax breaks, it's about fairly employing people, and the people being employable. First of all the poor need the education to be offered a good job. Then the job has to pay fairly, so they can afford to take care of thier family. Secondly, they got to be hard working and ethical. On the other hand the business owners and management can not get rich while thier workers struggle to make ends meet.

Also we need to respect all jobs, even those that don't usualy pay finacially (like motherhood), and concider how they contribute to society. Most of us can work many years of our life. When we can't work because of illness or the like, then we can be supported by family and others.

Another key is to stop seeking after stuff. 3rd cars, boats, large TV's, we have to realise that these are unneeded and accept that as we set up our economies. I don't know at what point our "Standerd of living" will have to change to affect this. But I for one know that many of things that are truely immportant are only made manifest when we clear out the junk.

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George Breed said...

I like your ideas.