Wednesday, November 16, 2005

homeschooling Day 4

We skipped out of life last Friday (sinus issues made us not want to wake in time for the AM activities of school buses and the like), and I offically declared homeschooling for the day. Friday was a sucess and then Saturday and Sunday turned into homeschooling days. Sunday we involved the kids in all the cleaning and winterizing that went on.

And today the alarm was turned off when it was supposed to snooze. So we had another homeschooling day. It was great. We studied scriptures, did science experiements, lots of counting and math, reading, writting, played chess and checkers. And my kids turned out to be pleasent people, when they don't have the stress of school. (and my house stayed clean) Their attention span increased drastically. Could school be causing short attention spans? And Galen is so much happier not having to deal with the mass teasing he gets in school for his autism and vision issues. And- this is deffinetly a major selling point- when they are homeschooled they fight less with me, mike, each other and they fight things like bedtime, chores and listening to parents a lot less too.

My little angels are actually showing respect to me and Mike. I could get hooked on actually raising my kids instead of letting institutions do it for me. So I will call and offically registar them for homeschool. Kids can be nice to have around. :)


Anonymous said...

I hate teasing. It's so sad that kids are so mean. I love my little nephews and all their individual perks, autism and vision challenges included!


I_Wonder said...

I have found that the most important lessons aren't taught in school. As I think back over my life I don't know of any lesson leaned in public schools that I coulnd't have learned at home.