Sunday, November 06, 2005

I could have killed that kid for scaring me half to death.

My autistic 6 year old asked to go potty at about 10:30, so we let him out of his bedroom adn then he disapeared. Compleatly adn quietly. We search the whole house. We search up, down in, over through, under in all of his favorite hiding spots. We checked the doors. The front door was still locked but the back door was unlocked. Did he escape? Was he so upset that we didn't let him watch star wars that he ran? Is he outside, lost in the dark? Do we call in help to find him?

His glasses and shoes are still here. So we search the house again, calling him aloud )hoping we don't wake the others). I start searching in places where I don't think he would fit. but gotta check. While going through a pile of clothes I finally heard a giggling "I am here".

So I opened the suitcase. No Galen. "Where are you?" he hid behind my long dress in the closet.

This kid has never been so quiet for so long in his life. How did he manage to do it tonight?

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George Breed said...

Sounds like he is practicing meditation.