Saturday, March 18, 2006

Anniverseries can be punny things

Today I had a 10 o'clock meeting out of the house. So I left, but nobody was there, and therefore being our anniversary I took the time to stop at the floral shop for some flowers, but ended up with a bunch of bad puns instead.

When I got home I brought Mike a little bag with a ribbon the note said "Has it bean 8 years since we became love birds?" and inside the bag was some jelly beans and a pair of love birds. That was sweet but not enough to distract him from his games.

Then I brought him another bag, tied with a ribbon. The note said "You are egg-actley what I need. And are always there to brighten my day with your smiles." Inside that bag was some butter cream eggs and chocolate smiley faces.

By the third bag, I actually had his attention. He turned away from the game and read the card: "May we always forgive each others four-paws quickly and become cuddle bunnies once again." inside the bag was a cat (what better symbol for fau paus?) and a cuddle bunny.

He thought we were done, but lo, I brought him the flowers in the case with the card "May your tulips always touch mine. May ours speak in tenderness towards each other. May the happy joys of babies breath caress our cheeks from our progenitors for eternities to come. " I'm pretty sure you can guess what kind of flowers I bought.

And lastly the closing note said "May our love burn brightly forever, wrapped in one eternal WoW!
P.S. Life's a piece of cake when we carrot for each other." As you can guess there was a candle and then I had to make a carrot cake tonight.

Mike says he owes me a nice dinner out. So I told him I had a baby sitter for next week!

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